Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement

The main mechanisms for implementing the Peace Agreement, including the Implementation Monitoring Committee (ITC), were all in force until October 2003. On 27 November 2003, three armed groups reportedly renewed their call for an increase in government posts. To address the situation, the BMI held its first meeting on 28 November, co-chaired by UNMIL and ECOWAS and made up of representatives from the African Union, the European Union and the International Contact Group. At the meeting, the Committee condemned the attempt by armed groups to make government positions a precondition for their participation in the DDRR programme. The meeting also recommended that appropriate action be taken against the parties who continue to violate the ceasefire agreement. « Secretary-General`s Report to the Security Council, » United Nations (S/2003/1175), 15 December 2003. [/efn_note] who declared themselves obliged to face the ardent desire of the Liberian people for genuinely lasting peace, national unity and reconciliation; The TRC was finally created on February 2, 2004. At a press conference in the first week of May, the TRC Commissioners stated that the TRC intends to « move from one city to another, from one city to another and from one city to another, in order to keep citizens informed of the importance of the Commission in the search for a real and lasting peace in Liberia. » 4 Liberia continues its recovery process and has made progress in rebuilding its institutions and economy, having been destroyed by the double-lateral effects of war and government mismanagement and further weakened by the Ebola epidemic in 2014/16. However, the internal risks of lasting peace persist, including inter-ethnic divisions, corruption, high unemployment and lack of access to justice. In 2018, UNMIL fulfilled its mandate and transferred responsibility for the country`s security to the government.

The Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL), the rebel group that controlled southeastern Liberia, released 28 prisoners of war at the ICRC on 29 October 2003.1 MODEL was the first of three groups to release prisoners since the peace agreement. Appendix 3 of the « IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE OF THE LIBERIA PEACE AGREEMENT » contains a detailed timetable for the implementation of peace agreements. See the text of the agreement. To reconvene the creation of an international contact group on Liberia in 2002 to support ECOWAS` efforts for lasting peace in Liberia; Women have made a difference in Liberia`s peace efforts in four ways. The allocation of 84 deputy ministers` posts was not covered by the peace agreement and disagreement on the issue caused tensions within the NTGL. However, the demands of THE leaders of MODEL and LURD regarding the resignation of President Bryant were quickly lifted and the crisis died out after the adoption of 66 of the candidates submitted by President Bryant to the Assembly of the Transition Act.2.