Dealership Agreement Significato

(v) Clauses.-When developing a lease-sale agreement, it is necessary to ensure that the following important clause is duly drawn up in the contract; 18.1 This agreement establishes and presents the entire agreement between the contracting parties on its purpose and replaces all other written or oral agreements entered into by one party or in the interest of any party or in documents, brochures or other printed materials provided by one party to the other party on this subject. 18.2 Each party assures the other party that it has not relied on a representation, count, agreement or agreement (written or oral) that is not expressly referred to by or under this Agreement. 18.3 This agreement may only be adopted, denounced, supplemented, interpreted, corrected, amended or amended by a written instrument signed by an authorized official or representative of each party. 2. that the agreement originally remains in force for three years, starting from………… may, however, be extended for periods similar to the terms agreed by the parties and between the parties. The commitments covered in points (a) and (b) of this article do not apply to competing products already manufactured or sold by the distributor at the time of the signing of this agreement, which must be specifically mentioned in Schedule 4. c. Minimum payment clause.-A lease-sale agreement may be terminated by the landlord or tenant and the tenant may return the item to the landlord after the termination of the contract. However, since items are subject to customary wear and tear due to the user, it is customary to include a minimum payment clause in the contract to provide for the amortization of the lease item.

Such a clause provides that, in the case of a contract entered into by the landlord or tenant, the tenant must pay 50% of the total price after deducting the payments already paid by the tenant. In any event, the adjudicating entity reserves the right to ask the distributor at any time, as a result of any changes to its trade guidelines, to cease the sale of a competing product, or even any competing product mentioned in Schedule 4. In this case, the distributor decides, within 12 months of the above communication, whether to suspend the sale of competing products or to terminate the contract before the expiry of this contract. If the trader does not make a decision within the aforementioned time frame, this contract is deemed to be automatically terminated.