Did Directv And Sinclair Come To An Agreement

The company, which includes U-Verse, DirecTV and AT-T TV, has reached an agreement on the future promotion of Sinclair`s local channels, the Tennis Channel, the 21 regional sports networks recently acquired by Sinclair and the YES network. Quote from the article: In October, Sinclair stated that he had secured a multi-year agreement on DIRECTV, AT-T TV and U-verse for continued use of Sinclair`s local broadcasters and other programs, including the tennis channel and a regional sports network with the Chicago Cubs games in 2020. Another article I found indicated that it was a multi-year treaty. While the old transport contract between AT-T and Sinclair was due to expire in August, Sinclair was planning a five-week extension to avoid harm to consumers. The current extension will remain in effect until 17:00 EDT on 27 September and ATT`s recent measures in promotional negotiations with other channels are expected to significantly affect the millions of ATT and DIRECTV subscribers who monitor these channels. For these target groups, it is essential that they raise their voices and ask that ATT work with Sinclair to ensure that they do not lose access to the channels they rely on in order to receive local news, sport and entertainment. But the real question to be answered now is whether the companies will not reach another agreement in the short term or in the long term by Friday, which would trigger a channel blackout on the three AT-T television services. one of these owners controls three partners ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX; another has two, and five owners have one. At-T stated that it had reached an agreement with three of the nine channels mentioned in the complaint. Sadie, Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns 136 local television channels in 86 markets, is threatening to pull them out of DIRECTV, AT-T TV Now and U-verse, unless it gets a new carriage deal with its owner, AT-T. (In addition, Sinclair says it will withdraw the tennis channel it owns). The deadline for filing a new agreement is 17 .m.

So there`s a good chance that AT-T and Sinclair won`t reach an agreement on Friday, resulting in another blackout. Maybe I`m wrong, Sadie, and I hope it`s me. But while some of the sporting concerns, there will not be immediately, which are certainly football. And there are a whole series of Sinclair-specific channels, so this dispute could have an impact on sports fans across the country if it is not resolved before next week`s deadline.