Gold Consignment Agreement

(i) not seek to prevent the artist from selling works other than those covered by the agreement. The gallery can define a space of exclusivity with the artist as well as within the city (his city). When the gallery wishes to enter one of the works covered by this Agreement in art or craft exhibitions where distinctions are awarded, obtain the written signature of the artist on a registration form used for this purpose or, in the absence of a registration form, obtain the written consent of the artist prior to such an exhibition. 6 4 Purchase of Gold from Record 4.1 Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Consignee may from time to time purchase all or part of a shipment of Gold. 4.2 The prices and rates of the consignment gold purchase by the consignee may be based on the market and the premium, the fixing and the premium, or any other pricing method expressly agreed between them, or, in the absence of agreement, the spot market price. 4.3 Unless otherwise agreed between the recipient and the sender, the price of the gold shipment is in US dollars and payment is made by the recipient in US dollars. 4.4 The purchase of consignment gold by the consignee is subject to the sender`s standard contract or the general terms and conditions (if any) for the sale and purchase of gold shipped in force from time to time, and the sender is only obliged to conclude the sale and purchase if it has agreed with the consignee on the quantity of gold and, if applicable, the number of gold bars to be acquired and (if applicable) any delivery arrangements. 4.5 Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, the Consignee shall pay the Sender the purchase price of any gold deposit acquired under this Contract on [the second working day after the date from which the purchase is agreed] to the bank account which the Sender has notified in writing to the Consignee. 4.7 The Sender reserves the right to calculate interest on any amount not paid after the due date of payment, from the due date to the date of payment, up to [[X]% higher than the British Bankers Association`s one-month LIBOR rate, which is in effect from time to time]. 4.8 The Sender may agree, at its discretion, to redeem from the Consignee the gold acquired by the Consignee under this Agreement. .

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