In Agreement With Translate

It is difficult for Google Translate to find and translate fossilized and archaic structures such as « here », « beyond », etc. They are translated as « from this contract », « to this treaty », etc. In this example, we also have grammatical deficiencies such as « reference in » or « transfer to indicate » (cf. [3]). In general, example (4) can be accepted as a whole without correction. For typical clauses of copyright transfer agreements, the translation as a whole is generally acceptable in the first example (1), in addition to the incorrect translation of the term « work ». It is mysterious that the translation of the term « editor » was translated into « Wydawcym », which is an obvious spelling mistake, as the last « m » was added to the word (it was to be translated as « Wydawcy », i.e. editor). In example (2), there are many factual errors. Nevertheless, the grammar of the sentences is correct. A very similar case is given in example (3). Husak [18] says, with reference to the Copyright Act and the WIPO Treaty [36]: « Przedmiot umowy » is often misindicated as « subject matter », as shown in example (1). The other term « załącznik » has been translated as « annex » instead of « schedule ».

What is załącznik? In the dictionary of the Polish language (Słownik Języka Polskiego [33]), we find two meanings. The first states that załącznik is a document attached to a document other than the supplementary document. Possible translations are the annex, the annex, the timetable, but as far as legal documents are concerned, it should be translated into a timetable. The first term attachment refers to « a legal procedure in which a court designates, at the request of a creditor, certain assets of the debtor to be transferred to the creditor or sold for the benefit of the creditor » (cf.[9]). According to Black`s Law Dictionary, the term appendix means « something that is attached, such as a document to a report or an addition to a building. » [17]. And the calendar means « a written list or inventory; in particular, a statement attached to a document containing a detailed description of the facts cited in the document » [17]. The second meaning of załącznik is completely unusable in a legal document contract due to its connection to a familiar notion of corruption. However, the translation of the term « utwór » from Polish to English is correct this time. In addition, the program does not use archaic phrases « hierto », « beyond », etc. from Polish to English.

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