Master Lease Agreement 49 C.f.r. Part 376 Form

(f) owner. In a rental agreement, the party that grants the use of driverless or driverless devices to another. To the extent that the exemptions for Part C of this party are not provided, the written lease required under item 376.11 A. contains the following provisions. The required rental conditions are met and enforced by the authorized carrier. (3) An approved carrier rents household equipment. in the secretary`s sense, the parties may provide in the lease agreement that the provisions in paragraph c) paragraph 1 of this section apply only during the duration of the equipment`s operation by or for the licensed taker. i) agreeable. A complement to an existing lease that is effective only when it has been signed by the lessor and the taker. 1. The licensed carrier establishes and maintains documents for each trip for which the equipment is used in its service. These documents must contain the name and address of the equipment owner, the place of origin, the time and date of departure, and the destination.

In addition, the approved carrier must, during its operation, carry with it documents containing the rented equipment containing this information and identify the hoods and make it clear that the transport is its responsibility. These documents are kept by the approved carrier as part of its transportation file. Lease agreements containing the information required in the provisions of this paragraph may be used and retained in place of these documents. For leases negotiated under a main lease, this provision is respected in con containing a copy of a main lease agreement in the equipment unit concerned and which contain the balance sheet of the documents required by this paragraph in the freight documents drawn up for the specific movement. (h) load-back items. The lease agreement contains a clear indication of all items that can be paid originally by the approved carrier, but which are ultimately deducted from the lessor`s compensation at the time of payment or billing, as well as a recitation of how to calculate the amount of each item. Copies of the documents necessary to determine the validity of the tax are made available to the lessor. (c) equipment rented without a driver by a person who primarily engages in such an activity. (i) products, equipment or services provided by the authorized carrier.

The taker intends that the lessor will not be required to purchase or rent products, equipment or services provided by the licensed carrier as a condition of the conclusion of the lease. The lease agreement defines the terms of a contract in which the lessor is a party to an equipment purchase or lease agreement that gives the authorized carrier the right to deduct the lessor`s compensation for purchase or lease payments. l) Trust funds. Money that the lessor has deposited with either a third party or the taker to guarantee the service, repay advances, cover repair costs, process claims, process licensing and licensing fees, and for any other purpose agreed by the lessor and the taker. 2. When the licensed carrier`s possession of the equipment ends, a receipt is received under the terms of the lease if the lease requires a receipt.