Microsoft Cloud Agreement 2019

A: Yes, but someone in the legal order decided that the latest changes should be more explicit than regular cloud click wrap agreements. In recent months, you may have already clicked on Microsoft`s website to confirm the MCA, but we do not have access to this information and we must independently verify and confirm your consent. A: Microsoft says it`s up to the customer to determine who it should be. We tend to believe that it should be someone in your organization who has the power to conclude the organization in binding agreements. A flexible agreement with modular terms for geographic and segmental terms replaces different agreements for different types of offers and programs. Any attempt to simplify agreements and streamline the process of interaction with them should be welcomed, and it seems that these changes come from the right place. But what does this mean in practice? Not being all to see all the elements of a contract, if you sign it, doesn`t necessarily look like the best idea! Two things that jump me: the partners benefit from simplified contract management. You now have the opportunity to pass on customers to Microsoft to manage the contracting process, including responsibility for customer acceptance and managing all agreed data. Make sure the primary user contact information displayed is correct. If this is not the view, select Update and enter the exact information for the person who accepted the agreement. Partner facilitates and reports customer acceptance of the agreement to Microsoft. November 1, 2019 – MCA required to purchase a new Azure Plan offer in October 1, 2019 – the new MCA is available in CSP. Certification features are available in the Partner Center Although only the CSP agreements and the Azure direct program mentioned above are provided, there are clauses in the MCA that indicate that it will eventually become the basis of all agreements.

For example, the « h » clause refers in general terms to transfers of licences from « fully paid indeterminate licences, » which does not exist in PSCs. Check the Microsoft customer contract to see if the confirmation was provided or not by this customer. On October 1, 2019, Microsoft implemented Microsoft`s customer agreement for the CSP program to replace the Microsoft Cloud agreement. Read additional instructions for indirect dealers. In order to facilitate the migration of partners to the new agreement, both agreements existed in the CSP programme until 31 January 2020. As of February 1, 2020, Microsoft`s customer agreement replaced the Microsoft Cloud agreement. A: Suppose you`re a Liquid Mercury Solutions customer, you`re probably under the North American commercial version of the MCA cloud. If you have employees or users outside the US (especially Germany, the EU or China), you must sign additional documents for these regions and agree on conditions that go beyond the terms of the agreements listed below.

For customers wishing to take advantage of the new Azure Plan offer via CSP, MCA will be immediately required as soon as it is available on October 1, 2019. Some companies are structured to allow for the transfer of responsibilities such as accepting software contracts or deleging credit card purchases – but it is problematic to check whether a person has such privileges. Added to this is the fact that the WAB is quite new and that many aspects of its implementation are still being developed. The contract « will follow the customer, » which means that it should not be necessary to simply sign contracts to move to a new partner.