Share Transfer Agreement Hong Kong

1. Ensure that all subscription rights mentioned in the Company`s articles of association have been respected or cancelled, and obtain permission to carry out the transfer of shares by the company`s shareholders In order to understand the process of transferring shares, you should be aware that, in accordance with the rules of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, all Hong Kong limited liability companies have certain provisions in their articles of association, concerning the abandonment of the transfer of its shares. For example, when a person who acquires shares in a company buys up debt, the Hong Kong company and its subsidiaries cannot reduce or alleviate the debt burden. To the extent that the aid is provided, the company is liable to penalties and fines. What is the standard process for transferring shares to Hong Kong? We will always work with you, whether it is the creation of your business or the transfer of your company`s shares to Hong Kong. Now let`s discuss the process of transferring shares for changing shareholders in Hong Kong – despite the provisions of the Corporate Regulation, there are no special restrictions on share transfers. [Amount of consideration (or payment of the company concerned x % of interest to be transferred) x 0.1%] x 2 + HKD5 This if the shares are already present in the company and you wish to transfer them to a person already related to the company or already a shareholder. The following informs us about the process: If you are not sure how to proceed, Startupr can always help you, just like during the creation process.