Stadium Naming Rights Agreement

It is interesting to note that neither EPL clubs Manchester United F.C nor Liverpool F.C have contracts for naming rights in the stadium with title sponsors, the two clubs retaining their traditional stadium names « Old Trafford » and « Anfield », which have years of history and goodwill for their fans and supporters around the world. As part of these sponsorship agreements, the club is contractually obliged to designate its stadium with the name of the title sponsor, z.B. in the English Premier League (hereafter the EPL), the arsenal FC stadium is called Emirates and Manchester City F.C play at Etihad Stadium. In the media and in the market, the title sponsor is recognized as synonymous with the association and as part of the structure of the association. The name of the stadium may have shifted in recent years to the promotion of company names, but in previous decades, it is largely because of the surnames of business creators. Given the increase in television rights revenues for EPL clubs (and a comparison with the NFL in the U.S.), these clubs may be less tempted to agree on title sponsorship agreements that have the potential to significantly influence the club and stadium personalities. A contract for stadium naming rights of 20 million pounds a year may not be as attractive to these clubs as it used to be, particularly because of the potential long-term problems a club may have in getting rid of a stadium name in the event of an unpopular or damaging event in which the sponsor is involved. In December 2016, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Los Angeles approved a naming rights directive for its facilities and routes, but cancelled it two months later due to possible lawsuits against sponsors. [17] [18] The record for the highest amount is the Scotiabank Arena. On August 29, 2017, a 20-year/$800 million (CAO) sponsorship agreement was signed between Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and the Canadian Bank of Nova Scotia to rename the Toronto Air Centre. On July 1, 2018, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors are known in the NBA as Scotiabank Arena.

[2] Public reaction to this practice is mixed. Appellation rights sold at new sites have been widely accepted, especially if the buyer is well established and has strong local connections in the area, such as the cases of Rich Stadium (now New Era Field) in the suburbs of Buffalo Orchard Park, Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and Coors Field in Denver. The sale of the naming rights in an existing location was significantly less successful than trying to rename San Francisco`s Candlestick Park in 3Com Park. The general public (and some media) continued to call this institution what it had called for more than 30 years, that is, Candlestick Park. After the expiry of the contract with 3Com, the rights were resold to Monster Cable and the stadium was renamed Monster Park. San Francisco voters responded with an initiative (Proposition H)[10] in the November 2004 election, which essentially stipulated that the name should be reset at Candlestick Park after the expiry of the contract with Monster in 2008. However, the initiative proved largely ceremonial and was overturned by the adoption of Proposition C in 2009 in response to desperate economic times. [11] The park`s naming rights were never resold and the stadium was closed in 2014. The concept of cessation of events that can be detrimental to reputation is particularly sensitive.