The Underwriting Agreement Is Signed By

If all the securities are not sold, the issue will be cancelled and the investors` funds will be returned to it. The underwriter authors referred to in Section 9(c) of this Agreement shall be delivered or sent by post, telex or fax to its address indicated in its underwriters questionnaire, or a telex representing such a questionnaire, the address of which shall be made available to the company upon request. Such declarations, requests, communications or agreements shall take effect upon receipt. 18. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings (written or oral) between the Company and the sub-authors or any of them with respect to the subject matter of the Contract. B. Exchange Act), which meets the requirements of the Exchange Act and has been designed by or under the supervision of the company`s Principal Executive Officer and Principal Financial Officer to provide reasonable assurance as to the reliability of financial reporting and the preparation of accounts for external purposes, in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards. Except as set out in the price prospectus, the entity`s internal control over financial reporting is effective and the entity is not aware of any major flaws in its internal control over financial reporting; and the subscription agreement may be considered as a contract between an entity issuing a new issue of securities and the subscription group that agrees to buy and resell the issue at a profit. .

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