What Is Another Word for Express Agreement

When it comes to expressing agreement, there are various words that you can use depending on the context. Sometimes, using the same word repetitively can make your writing sound monotonous and uninteresting, which is why it’s important to have a repertoire of other words that convey the same meaning. Here are some other words you can use instead of “express agreement.”

1. Concur – This word means to agree or to be of the same opinion. It’s a formal alternative to “agree” and is often used in formal writing.

Example sentence: I concur that the proposed changes are necessary for the success of the project.

2. Assent – This word means to agree or give approval. It’s a more formal way of saying “agree.”

Example sentence: The board of directors assented to the new proposal.

3. Accede – This word means to agree to a request or demand. It’s usually used in legal or diplomatic contexts.

Example sentence: The country acceded to the treaty after lengthy negotiations.

4. Approve – This word means to agree or give permission. It’s often used in professional settings.

Example sentence: The boss approved the new project proposal.

5. Endorse – This word means to support or to give approval. It’s often used in the context of endorsing a candidate or product.

Example sentence: The celebrity endorsed the new brand of makeup.

In conclusion, there are many words you can use to express agreement aside from “agree.” Whether you’re writing a formal report or a casual email, using different words can make your writing more interesting and engaging. The key is to choose the right word that fits the context and conveys the exact meaning you want to express.