How to Say Agreement in Korean

In Korean, the word for agreement is « 의견 일치 » (uigyeon ilchi). This phrase is most commonly used in formal or professional settings, such as in contracts or business meetings.

However, in informal situations, there are several other ways to express agreement. One common phrase is « 맞아 » (maja), which is similar to saying « right » or « exactly » in English. This can be used in casual conversations among friends or family members.

Another phrase that can be used to express agreement is « 그렇다 » (geureota), which translates to « that`s right » or « exactly ». This phrase is also used in both formal and informal settings.

If you want to add emphasis to your agreement, you can use the phrase « 네, 정말 그렇습니다 » (ne, jeongmal geureoseumnida), which means « Yes, that is really the case. » This phrase is typically used in professional or formal settings, such as during a job interview or important business meeting.

In addition to these phrases, there are also various gestures and expressions that can be used to show agreement in Korean culture. For example, nodding the head up and down or saying « uh-huh » while listening to someone can indicate agreement.

Overall, there are several ways to express agreement in Korean, depending on the situation and level of formality. By learning these phrases and gestures, you can effectively communicate your agreement with others in both casual and professional settings.